Rain Rain Go Away! Wet weather plans

Well, we are all off to a great start!  We’re almost done with the first day of rehearsals and sectionals, and we are starting to look at tomorrow’s events…

As I’m sure you realise, we have scheduled a social activity and dinner for tomorrow evening – a Photo Scavenger Hunt which involves walking from our rehearsal venues at BGS/BGGS through the CBD and Southbank to Somerville House where dinner would be served. We ordered food and drinks and sunny weather… but it looks like we might be out of luck on our weather order!!

At this time we wish to firstly revise the pick up time for tomorrow (Friday) to 6:30pm, and secondly to let you know of our alternative wet-weather plans.

The current weather forecast is for showers and possibly rain in the afternoon.

  • In the case of light showers, the activity will go ahead and students will be provided with rain ponchos and walk to Somerville where dinner will be served a little earlier than originally planned and pick up will be from Somerville House at 6:30pm.
  • In the case of heavier rain, we will provide afternoon tea at rehearsal venues then proceed to the BGS Indoor Sports Centre for “The Quest”, a scavenger hunt game, after which we will serve dinner in the BGGS Creative Learning Centre (Building A on the Festival map) and pick up will be from BGS/BGGS at 6:30pm.

Finally, we request that (if possible) you pack a pair of sports shoes tomorrow – if we do opt to go to the Indoor Sports Centre in the afternoon, you will be unable to wear black-soled school shoes on the court.

At 3pm tomorrow we will make a final decision about which of the above two options we will go ahead with. At that time we will send out an email and request that all students contact their parents via phone/text to confirm the pick up venue.

Either way, we hope that you will enjoy the afternoon together!

If you have any queries throughout the Festival please contact Ms Miranda Ward at acsmf@brisbanegrammar.com or phone 3834 5370.

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